Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Oh no, Daisy hasn't been crowned but she is still hopeful after all the Rastafarian in a movie she watched said that 80% of royalties today were not royal 200years ago... please wish me luck.

CROWNED PRINCESS is the title of a movie Daisy watched and loved partly because it is a good movie and partly because the female lead role is played by her very own, Sochima Ezeoke. Here is a synopsis of the movie;

The crowned prince has a task of finding a wife before he is crowned. The messenger of the oracle says that the queen to be is a crowned princess from a great kingdom who resides in that kingdom. For a while everyone including the audience is surprised. How would a crowned princess from a great kingdom be residing in that kingdom? Of course everyone would know her if she truly was there because a crowned princess has a crown! But the oracle insists that there exists a crowned princess in that kingdom and the King in waiting is even forced to do away with his fiancee in the fear of offending the gods.

And the ways of the gods are not our ways as is clearly brought through in the film. There is indeed a crowned princess who lives in that kingdom! How she ended there and why is one of the nuts that are unbolted as the movie progresses.

Daisy is signed in to iROKO TV right now and as usual, she is having a time of her life...Games Women Play! She knows she has watched it before but what else?


  1. i love sochima ezeoke's acting

    1. She is really taking Nollywood by the storm. Right now I am not worried about who will take after Genevieve Nnaji.


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