Tuesday, 1 October 2013


A letter to Sochima Ezeoke,

When I made up my mind to write a letter to Sochima on her birthday, I started by thinking about all the nice things I would say about her in the letter; and the more I thought, the more I realized that nice things is all I had to say about her Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sochima... You may take this for granted but the truth is that I think that your birthday should be a National Holiday. Yes, I know 1st October is the day your country, Nigeria, achieved independence but that is not what I mean when I say National Holiday. I mean that it should be marked everywhere on the calendar... perhaps is should be called 'Sochy Day' and then very many significant people will come together to celebrate THE LIFE AND TIMES OF Sochima Ezeoke...

Okay, for starters, Sochima Ezeoke is a Nollywood actress, the founder of www.asmedianig.com, and a mentor-- to mention but a few of the good things Sochima Ezeoke is doing for mother earth. I did an interview with her on this site a while ago. Look here: http://daisynandecheokoti.blogspot.com/2013/03/in-footsteps-of-genevieve-nnaji-enter_6.html  for details of the films that she has starred in, the details of Arrivals and Sojourn Media which she founded, her current projects and all other

details you may want to find out about this Sochima, the Starlet.

 Sochima is a personal friend to me and I thought that I would give her a piece of my mind on this very special day of her life: Her birthday

Here are a few propositions for you ;

                   Do not draw conclusions quickly and even when you do, leave room to revise your
                   Since you are endowed with youthfulness, fly like and eagle and brook no limiting horizons
                   Remember that one only fully possesses one's life if one makes it out as a gift for others. In fact this is the secret of immortality
                   The greatest of all arts is the art of loving. It is a talent worth cultivating.
                   There are many great and wonderful virtues, but the brightest of them all is courage.

Lotsa love,

  PS: Sochima may this day bring you many happy returns and a foundation for that great future you hope for:-) YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!! Once Again, Happy birthday!


  1. My very own sochima, my love @ first sight. My pride during my secondary school days. What more can I wish for when I already have u as a friend. May ur birthday bring forth open doors in ur life and may everything that seems so impossible become possible in ur life ijn

  2. Nice I love.... We love you Sochimma. A role model to many... Keep it burning

  3. Asa nwa!! Nwa mara mma! Lolo,my mentor,Hearthy cheers,carry go,Nde nne ooooooo!!!!!Nenyem,Ceo crystalsbynenye costume jeweries

  4. Nice...I love. We love you Sochimma...

  5. Nice one!!sochima is truly an epitome of beauty,HBD once more hun,may d good lord enlarge ya barns d more.*cheers*

  6. Nice one, keep it up, God bless You.

  7. Uwalaka Emmanuel Emeka1 October 2013 at 13:14

    This is lovely,
    I wish her well

    Of a truth, it is a
    Blessing to have
    Real friends

  8. Awesome personality she got! And jovial too! Kip on rocking on ur born-day and always hon

  9. I'm incredibly so proud of you Sochi. A friend indeed, may God keep blessing you sweet sis #HappyBornday #love

  10. I'm incredibly so proud of you Sochi. A good friend indeed. May God keep blessing you sweet sis. #HappyBornday #Love

  11. I wish sochima my world best friend happybufday am wishing her longlife with more success..i am celebrating wit you in ghana...

  12. Nice 1 4 sochima.........once more Happy bufdai paradigm of beauty n success.

  13. Am truly inspired! God bless u Sochi.

  14. Nice blog u got! Many more years Sochima my sweetie actress!

  15. Baby girl pls leave d nollywood industry. U can do better on ur own. Love u too and HBD

  16. I cud not hav agreed more with what you have said about darling sochi, she is an amiable person and fun to be with and i hav no regrets having her as a friend. She challenge's me to pursue my dreams no matter the odds. Hapi Birthday Sochima, U ARE A GEM

  17. May u continue to inspire the younger ones Sochi. U are a blessing to your generation.

  18. She is also a writer and poet; I say that the sky is her limit; HBD @sochima ezeoke

  19. Nice!nice!!nice! I love this!

  20. Sochima Ezeoke is so unique and different.
    I like those pictures!

    She is more beautiful than cinderella.

  21. If you value the saying that A good name is better than riches then leave the movie industry.It's corrupt. You can be famous through other means and inspire people as well.


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