Saturday, 6 August 2011


I went to church one day and as I prepared to step out, one of the members called me back. She was one of the stakeholders of the church and from what I gathered, a spiritual mother to so many people in that church.
I was a bit hesitant. Her 'holier than thou' look shrinked me but I do not like disrespecting anybody and more so in church. So I waited for her, worried.

She told me in the face that my dressing was not right in the house of God. (I was in a white trouser and a dress top.)
I have never been as shocked as I was that day in my life. My tears are never far from falling, so they started falling right away. Am sure she thought I was a coward. Here is my opinion.

My bible insists on decency, at least the one I read. There is a clause in the bible that says'....a woman should not wear that which belongs to a man.' it should be somewhere in Deuteronomy. Of course I have no intention of changing the bible. There is also another clause in the bible that says'......women adorn themselves...........not with braided hair......." should be 1tim 2/9.
I think what preachers in this time should emphasize on is spiritual maturity. Once that is put in place, we will not have to fight over clothes.

What we need to underline for example from Timothy is that, during his time as an apostle, women who wore ear rings, braided hair, used perfumes and e.t.c were prostitutes and that was the reason Timothy wanted Christians to look different. As a matter of fact, we no longer live under the law because it has been replaced by the holy spirit. We have the holy spirit to guide us. What is the use of "do not kill" when you are not a murderer? You cannot steal under the influence of the spirit of GOD and its why "Do not steal" will not make sense to you. Same goes for the day of worship. I have heard very many interesting debates about which day should be the sabbath. I have no answer as well. All I know is that in the old testament or during a certain time in the Christian history, Christians were not enthusiastic about going to church and that was why I law had to be put in place for them to observe the sabbath day. That reminds me. That debate of when Jesus was born. Was it really the 25th of December? I was not there so I don't know. But I have a question as well. What difference would it make if one of the ancient prophets rose up today to confirm Jesus' birth date as the 1st of June? Its all in the heart, believe me. It is about why you celebrate as an individual. It may not help much even if you knew the real date but failed to do the right thing. I need to catch some breath now.
As long as the covenant of day and night still remains, God's goodness will never depart from you.