Saturday, 22 October 2011


Her name is Gladys. We met in the most ridiculous ways; it was a Wednesday, around lunch time. I wanted to have lunch somewhere and I wanted to be alone because there was something I was trying to figure out and any type of company would slow me down. I had successfully avoided the company of my mates who were going to the mess for lunch.

So here I was trying to cross the road, something that even at this age, I can never claim to have full mastery over. I went back and forth severally and the number of vehicles seemed to be increasing. My mind was even thinking of other places I could have lunch without crossing the road.

"Looks like you will miss your lunch today," This girl who must have been watching me said with a smile.
I was not sure she was speaking to me so I just eyed her without a word.
"I too had issues with crossing the road but its fading with time."  She continued and I now became certain she was addressing me because there was no one else around.
"I fear moving vehicles." I said for the first time.
"Now come along" She said pulling my hand.
We crossed the road and we had lunch together that day. She even gave me some lessons on how to safely cross the road.
 That marked the beginning of our acquaintance. I learnt so much about her and well, let's just say she was my type of person.
We stayed in touch through our mobile phones and I truly truly miss her. Gladys, when will you be in town again?
So yesterday she sent me a message, a perfect message and it read;-
"...If GOD can take you from January to January, He can take you from shame to fame; from pain to gain; from labour to favour; from victim to victory. May you have all the joy your heart can hold. All smiles a day can bring. All the blessings life can unfold... Enjoy your day"