Thursday, 3 May 2012


It's yet another month; the fifth month of 2012 and I am grateful to GOD for everything. He has preserved us hale and alive and our only duty is to do HIS will which I know is not too difficult, especially with the abundant grace HE has provided.

So as this month kicks off, I pray that GOD will revive us and increase our desire to draw near to HIM and know HIM even better.

Last month ended interestingly for me. On the very last Sunday I met a young girl who could lead worship so well. I had gone to a totally different church, and by different, I mean a church that is under a different ministry. Normally, I stick to churches that are under the ministry I was spiritually brought up in because most things being done in these churches are familiar and easy to adapt to.

My decision to go to a church in the CHRIST IS THE ANSWER ministries was not totally accidental because we had a lot of exchange programmes with them when I was young and I even remember they donated t-shirts to the gospel dancers(I was one). The t-shirts were a nice shed of grey; they also had an animated picture of a boy running and just below, it was written"Taking strides to reach JESUS" and then the words "Christ is the answer" were proudly written at the back. Mine was written in green and some others, some in red while the rest were written in blue. It felt so nice anytime I wore the t-shirt; too bad it cannot fit now.

I think I have digressed enough, but it is always nice to look back and appreciate the many things that contributed to our wholeness. I will now pick up from where I was.

When I saw the little girl seated next to one of the main speakers, my immediate guess was that she was her spiritual mom. My guess was so correct because when the said speaker was ushered to the pulpit, she introduced  the girl and then asked her to lead the whole congregation in a worship song. That girl sang so well and everyone was moved! Worship went on for slightly more than thirty minutes and after that, the congregation asked the little girl to tell us what her motivation is. Without a thought, she said.
"The fact that Jesus is alive is enough motivation for anyone." I was challenged and for the fast time, I wondered whether I was a true believer, if I was an absolute lover of Christ. I can't wait to see that same girl ten years from now. I sure know GOD will have invested so much in her and she will be impacting nations.

That same evening, a childhood friend rung me. Her name is Cleopatra but we're used to calling her Chite(pronounced with a long lint on the 'i'). Chite is one of the friends with whom I can never grow apart no matter what because of how deep our roots are. Actually, we only became close friends in our teenage years. Previously, my mother and her late mother were so close and that is what gradually brought us together.

So when Chite called me that evening, I knew it was going to be another long conversation about a teenage incident and I prepared my ribs to laugh. But I was wrong. In the middle of my teasing her about a certain boy who used to stalk her back then, she informed me that she was going to the convent as soon as she graduated. I laughed so hard because her family is not even Catholic in the fast place and there was no way that was going to be true. But she was serious!
"For how long have you been having this ambition?" I asked when I was sure the easy-smiling Chite was not joking.
"Since I was in form two. The Mother superior in my high school was so influential." She answered in her characteristic calm voice.

At this point, I had so many questions to ask her.

"Have you spoken to your father about it?" I asked still trying to hide my shock.
"I have. He was not for it at the beginning. But he has finally accepted." Chite said.
"And why didn't you tell me about this?" I asked for the first realizing that I had the right to at least know. But her answer made me think a bit before saying the next word.
"I was afraid Nandeche. Clem, Eugene and Vicky were not optimistic and I feared your reaction would be the same as theirs. I wanted it to be a surprise."

I understood her perfectly. I was not sure of what I would have told her if she mentioned that back then. I am partly glad that she waited until now.

I am so proud of her. I pray that her desire to serve GOD in totality will go on.

So that was how April ended for me. It was a good month with lots of rest, especially the Easter weekend which reminded all of us that we are the Children of the most high God.

On that note, I want to wish all of you a wonderful month, with lots of good tidings for HE has promised that if we labor in HIS will, we'll not be put to shame.

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