Monday, 4 June 2012


June is here with us already and we thank GOD. As Kenyans, we have just celebrated our Madaraka Day which is the day our country got independence. The day is usually marked on 1st of June each year and it being a public holiday, most offices were closed, children didn't go to school and there was a general mood of relaxation even for those who reported to work. This year, we marked the 49th Madaraka day and as a country, we have a lot to be grateful for; improved housing facilities, proper education, improved infrastructure... the list is quite long and our prayer is that we move towards excellence.

But even as we celebrate, a few things are still a miss in the country; some victims of Dec2007/Feb2008 post election violence have not been resettled, there is rampant corruption in our country and even in courts money has the ability to turn the accuser into the accused, the transport system especially in the city centre is crazy with unending traffic hold ups... the list here is long as well but we can trust GOD to come to our rescue because HE Has done that before.

Yesterday was so refreshing a Sunday for me. First, I confirmed that Dakore Egbuson was still in nollywood. Really, I don't know what makes me have so much affection for the Nigerian and Ghanaian film industries. Nothing annoys me more than something major happening there without my knowledge.Nancie, a former school mate and friend told me that it would be very easy for me to run a column or label on my blog titled West Africa express...Of course I only laughed because I could not beat her up; but anyway, she knows humour can get her anywhere with me.
 Dakore as you can see is a beauty.

So yeah, it had been rumoured that Dakore Egbuson was quitting her acting career because of... was it marriage or her cute little girl? One of those. Of course Dakore denied it in an interview stating that she had simply taken a break. I believed her but her absence was really getting me scared. I love Dakore for many reasons but I have to mention that my love affair with her started with the movie 'CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE' where she was starring alongside Omoni Oboli and RMD (Richard Mofe-Damijo)... See how confused I get when I start writing about Nigeria... I was saying I love her because she is a plain feminist, I mean it doesn't matter what role she plays in a movie, no man gets away with ordering her around; I am sure even movie directors and producers take their time before settling on her as a member of the cast... she is a champion!

I had used all my 'agents'(I hope they don't read this) in West Africa but they were not able to confirm that she was still in the industry because she has been in the U.S for a while. So guess how I confirmed... I watched her latest movie... This I will not say the title but a few hints will do. She is starring alongside Olu Jacobs, Zack Orji and some two dudes I can't place, then the movie is set in Cameroon with most of the action taking place in Douala. Dakore, I am watching you...

The Dakore issue was one thing. The second thing was that I was treated to a nice church session; a much needed break from the boring stuff I had to put up with the previous Sunday. Boring could be a bit too harsh a word to use. Allow me to apologize and then explain.

Okay I apologize for calling a church session boring. What I meant to say was that, the speaker wasn't exactly there and he kept getting side-tracked. For example, he would read a whole verse only to discover that it was not the intended one.

So yesterday was a breath of fresh air despite getting there a few minutes into the praise hour. The theme was The Importance of prayer in the life of a christian. You might be thinking that its a rather obvious topic but believe me when I say it is the core, the importance of prayer can never be underestimated... you want good education, pray; you want good friends, pray, you want a good job, pray... it is that simple but for some, that hard. It was so refreshing I say again. But let's just say I find a lot of peace in the House of God. I have never thought that I can do something else on Sunday except being in the presence of GOD and  you know just worshiping... it is so nice. The effect of my spiritual mom is so strong on me and I pray that I will one day have such an impact on someone.

The week is already underway and as it is these days, it is Monday but before you know it, its Thursday already, so remember to make good use of whatever time you have and be accountable for it.

May the grace of GOD be with you all.

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