Thursday, 8 November 2012


Oh, its November already and trust me guys, the MIA wasn't deliberate. I was up and down with a few things but what is important now is the fact that I am here. I know Mwajuma is going to say that time flys and it is not in my control but I still think I owe this explanation to you; my audience. Anyway, we thank GOD that nothing bad happened to any of us.

So what did I want to tell you?

"I have battled with being a teacher's pet throughout my academic life, I can accurately say. It started with Madam Jacinta, my English teacher in primary six, seven and eight. She had freshly graduated from a teachers training college and I think her sophistication and 'accent' pushed my classmates away. But for some reason, I was drawn to her and she was drawn to me as well; maybe because of my good compositions and a seeming fearlessness when speaking to her. So that was how my life long journey of friendship with Madam Cintah, as I love calling her started. I remember my friends would always complain that she always chose me to answer questions in her class or used my name whenever she wanted to give an example. Some even hated me because of that and being the kid I was, I reported them to the said teacher. She simply told me to ignore them and I did. I will never forget that counsel because I have had to ignore very many other things in my life; especially lately.

When I got to secondary school, 'my love affair' was first with the deputy, Ms. W.  Now, who is ever in good terms with a deputy!? I can't remember exactly what made us friends because to begin with, in my first week of existence in that legendary school somewhere near Nyanza and Western provinces of Kenya, I was always on the list of noisemakers. But I think I have a spell on me because after she punished me severally, I was appointed the class prefect of my stream in my second term in form one; and thus begun a long journey of 'prefect-ship' and responsibility, and good memories and ugly incidences. We became even closer after I was a prefect and I think this was what my classmates could hardly put up with. She sometimes carried mangos from her house and we would eat them together when I went for consultation in Biology in her posh office in The White House, which was another name for our administration block: how I miss those days. Ms. W transferred when I was in form two just about the time when I was 'cementing' my 'love affair' with Ms. A. My mates complained and suspected 'foul-play' as usual but what could they do? Nothing. But as they say, every dog has its day and their own day came that day Ms. A transferred when I was in form three. My classmates made sure that I understood the gravity and enormity of what had befallen me in all the possible ways including jeering at me in the face. I really hated that school at that time. I just wanted to transfer and go away.

Now, I am in campus and 'history' in planning to repeat itself! I am not in a hurry, I will fill you in as it unfolds but in a nutshell, I am ready for them after all, I am still the same old Daisy."

Have a great month,

All my love.

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