Monday, 15 October 2012


I know a lot has already been said in regards to the fact that, " We can never have a second chance to make the first impression" and I don't intend to start any argument about that tonight. A lot of people depend on the first impression to make up their mind about somebody and that is their way. No qualms on my part. But I think this piece will still be useful.

First of all, the word humble is one of the overused vocabularies in my father's dictionary. "...remain humble" that is one of the phrases with which he finishes his advices which I carry around in my heart always. I don't know for how long he has been saying that to me but it must be for a long time because for me, being humble is the way to go. But the truth is, I never really understood the meaning of being humble in my father's terms until one day...

I had just completed high school and as it was bound to happen,' I started feeling on top of the world'. A good number of my friends had completed high school too and it was thus easy to form a 'clique'. I remember before I found something really useful to do, I would sit with my legs on the table eating one thing after the other (I wonder why I did not become obese) and I would tell anyone who interfered with my movies(with the exception of my parents, of course!)that, from that day henceforth, order in that house was going to be defined by I, Daisy Nandeche alone! I must have looked so stupid at the time. Thank God it passed. Anyway, other 'real stuff' came up and if there is something I will eternally be grateful for, is the chance to live  away from home. You should see me to appreciate this!

So in the middle of all that 'nonsense', I met Rose.

Were it not for that life-changing encounter, I would have called it an ordinary Sunday but for the single fact that I met Rose, it becomes a special Sunday. I had gone to church as usual; my home church which I still think is the best in the globe. As usual again, I was running through my bible as the day's announcements went on because I would read the bulletin anyway. But the visitor who graced us that day made me sit up and take notice. She was about my age. Maybe three or four years older. Well, she wasn't wearing anything expensive at all! As she walked to the podium, I noted that she had on some really 'lousy' attire with shoes I can't place. They were not torn but still, I couldn't place them. Her hair was short; not styled or relaxed in one way or another, simply short! She wasn't wearing any earing, bangle and so on and I can even swear that she did not have make up on.

After she was given the microphone, the interpreter sat down. He did not expect her to speak English and so did I.Then the girl started talking! Excellent English and what's more? She had just been posted to a neighboring school after graduating from Moi University... She went on to give us a few inspirational verses and honestly, the shock was too much!

Rose brought me back to my senses in a hurry! Can you imagine?  I didn't even know how I had performed in my final exams yet I was already playing mother-hen all over! Rose reminded me that I had seen nothing yet in life and that was how I stopped putting my legs on the table and I don't see myself ever doing that no matter the circumstance.

Post Script: I have encountered many other similar people and that is why I am always hesitant about settling on the first impression I have of somebody. To begin with, the first impression I give is hardly ever the real me, it simply depends with who I am meeting, where, why and other such stuffs so I suggest that we all be cautious about this first impression saga because short of losing a life time opportunity, only great lose could befall us. I read somewhere that, we are all blind and honestly, I believe that statement. There are so many things we fail to see or notice just because we were blinded by the so called first impression.

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