Wednesday, 14 March 2012


That day started like any other. No one would have guessed that a destiny would be defined and then left to struggle to survive through all the heat and uncertainties of this world on that day, more especially in the world of ARTS. Like most pupils in my primary four class, I was excited about the English class. The madam was a very kind woman, perhaps a direct representation of her name Grace. She was so graceful. But she couldn't pass for a friend in a first meeting; she was the sought of person whom you had to go deeper than the external to understand. She was gentle but firm.

Her clothes, which were mainly dresses were always well fitting and unique. She did not wear make up. So that windy afternoon, she walked in carrying our marked composition papers. I was excited without really having a reason to get excited. But I always got excited about writing compositions, so maybe...

Before she gave out the papers, Madam Grace called me to the front of the class. I cannot remember her exact words but it was something to the effect that, my composition was cleverly written as always and she urged me to read it out to the rest of the class! I was so proud of my writing and I continued glancing at it(without reading) several hours after the English lesson.

I spoke to the teacher afterwards to find out if it was possible to write in my entire life. She was a bit reluctant with her answer and like most adults that surrounded me when I was growing up, she preferred a 'fast career' for me. To cut a long story, I have survived and as you can see, its writing I want to do. All thanks to the many writers that have inspired and spiced my life in different ways. I have to mention Carol Njung'e because she gave me the permission to write; she made me realize that it is the eyes that guide the creative mind. Very many authors have starred my passion and quest to write and I pray we will be able to see how it all ends. My other mentor, Ogova Ondego was and still is very patient with me. I am sure there is progress.

This is just the beginning....

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