Thursday, 24 January 2013


I  noticed that most of my gold-pals  are turning 21 this year  (2013) and I think this poem by Prof. Kivutha Kibwana  is going to be useful to them.
You are 21 child
a magic cross-roads age
yesterday's child
welcome to the world
there is no ceremony today
you are to give birth to yourself
you will mature yourself
you will adult yourself

mama and papa are far away
your other kin and kith too
21 means frontiers to explore
a world to conquer
an opportunity to make your mark

you are to determine who you will be
you will be the person you seek
you may forever be half child half adult
you may settle for a non person
someone who was just passing by
someone escorting others
someone just waiting
or a go-getter, a doer, a maker
the world is about choice

you may think before you act
you may act before you think
you may ignore to think and to act
you may have others think for you
you may have others act for you

men like bees will fly to your life's nector
they will hum love, affection, tenderness when their only desire is to sting
women will knock for companionship or for convinience
beware of womankind, beware of mankind
and yet you must love

Your body is yours, your shrine
your mind is yours, to be kept open, pure
your soul is yours, you motor
guard them with your life

build your character day by day
character is the window from which we glimpse the real person
discard the superficial vile
be a person people remember
a person others will follow

set goals for yourself
follow them as a train does its rails
always search for knowledge
the path that guides living
do your bit in life
small bits make the world

learn to reflect
to pause in motion
to dialogue with silence 
to be your best friend
to love yourself

the worst lie is the lie told to oneself
because you know the truth
the lie will torture you
the truth will torment you
nobody can silence a conscience

God is there for us every moment
He will always be there for you
even if you forget or deny Him
don't be afraid to look for Him
in good or bad times
He will mend your spirit
He will give you His peace

Life is suffering, you will suffer
life is joy, you will joy
life is about ups and downs, arise from the downs
life is about feeling you must give up, never give up
life is about being unsure of where you are, be sure
life is bitter, make it honey
life is tough, be tough
life is for living, not for quiting, hang on, live

You are 21
welcome to the world
mould your world
make the world
don't you ever look back.

Have a pleasant 21st year on the universe. Daisy loves you.

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  1. Tho i'm nt there yet bt i'm headin thea sn n i gues t z where life begins as an adult with many things dat kam ur way......ur poem has said t all n t z only GOD who sees us thro each n evry step of our lives.....thnx all d same


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