Friday, 1 March 2013


When I wake up on third of March, I will be twenty...say it again, TWENTY! It's as unbelievable as it sounds. I have a lot to be thankful for. I will begin by thanking people who have walked with me to the present.  I can't list all of them because they are many. But basically, I want to thank all my mentors-- my spiritual mentors, the people who inspired we to get hold of life and live properly, my parents, my role-models... and even those people I have never met but they mentor me by the way they live their lives and what they do. A big thank you to all of you.

It will be another new decade... A make or break decade as far as the future is concerned and I can only pray that the Almighty God will give me direction. Life as they say, is not a dress-rehearsal and I hope to be especially prudent.

So here are a few of the lessons I have accumulated at this grand age.

1. There is always a super-power
A greater power holds this earth. The earth has a beginning and for us to have a beginning then there must be a beginner. That beginner is the super-power. Remember God in everything you do.

2.Only boring people follow crowds blindly
There is a lot of bad peer influence hovering all around as. But luckily, it is always a choice. You can either choose to follow the wrong crowds and get lost or not follow the crowds... But just know that only boring and uncreative people ignore to think carefully and critically before taking any step.

3.There are no guarantees in this life
The fact that you have ability today does not mean you will have that same ability tomorrow. TIME is more powerful than everybody in this life. Use every opportunity to live a mark where you pass...history will ask questions and the fact that an accident stopped you from doing something will not exactly liberate your name in the records of history. People will want to know what you did with the time you had.

4. Everything that can be counted, counts
Whatever you do becomes part of the story of your life and when you will be taking stock of your sojourn on earth, it will be counted. Don't do something that will haunt you tomorrow. Be wise.

5. It is the same mouth which a dog uses to play that it uses to bite
Basically, understand people who are around you and always know the boundaries. Don't get carried away or too excited...only non-thinkers do that and Pisceans are thinkers:)

6. There is a place beyond knowing
There is a place beyond knowing called understanding. Understand  and critically analyze anything before you get involved. A wise man once said that, 'the color of fire is bright and beautiful but once you fall inside it, your body will tell you a different story'. For the Piscean, a word is enough.

7. Freedom is ephemeral
It's a fact. It is easy to discover that once you have it(freedom) for a while. Freedom comes with responsibilities and some of these responsibilities include doing house don't be in a hurry for this thing called freedom.

8. You are the brand you!
Mmmm... Only you are You and you hold your life in trust so protect your life as if it carries all the tomorrows of the universe...because it actually does!

9. Destiny is in mortal hands
Your destiny is in your hands...People will show you the way but only you can follow the way that you have been shown. Walk every step bearing in mind the fact that you are walking towards destiny. Once again, be wise.

10. Be the model 20year old piscean in the world
At twenty, you have a huge life a head of you...hold it firmly and stir it in the right direction. Show the world that you earned the right to be 20 this year and that can only show if you are positively exceptional.

11. Love will come
If it hasn't showed up at your door step, it's certainly going to show up very soon. Love with your heart but don't forget your head.

12. Forgive

Life is a battlefield and we all walk wounded...

I will be meeting my fellow pisceans more often in a label I am starting and we will talk more then.

From me,

With Love.

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