Thursday, 28 February 2013


The sun feels brighter today. Even trees are more sure of their position... I just love this day, but I love this poem more. And don't be convinced otherwise, I don't just write; there are always 'strings attached'... I also believe that, it is with the poets pen that feelings are felt.

Love with an everlasting love
Led by grace that loves to know
Oh, this full and perfect peace
Oh, this love which cannot cease
In a place where dreams come true
I am his and he is mine

Heaven above is softer blue
Earth around is sweeter green
Since I know as I know
Who shall part my love and I?

Things that once were wild alarms
Had me bound and down in chains
Now cannot disturb my rest
In his arms forever lie
While he whispers in my ears
I am his and he is mine...
By Esther Wamagata
Fresh Paint Vol 1
Literary Vignettes by Kenyan Women.

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